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Java Web Start, JNLP splash recv failed

When i was trying to run some JavaFX samples, Java web start returned the error “splash recv failed”. I searched through several forums and found out that my Comodo Firewall is interfering with the Java Web start and that is the cause of the error


Add C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\javaws.exe to trusted application in commodo firewall

If you are using 64 bit vista then the path is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\javaws.exe

In all the forums i found out this problem to be specific to systems running on Windows Vista and having comodo Firewall. I am not sure whether this happens to systems with firewall from a different vendor.

[update] Here is Antony’s solution which seems to be working for Windows 7

“I fixed this but updating the registry settings on my Windoze 7 x64 machine:
(Default) => “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_16\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1″

No matter the location of the javaws.exe file is located, just add the -Xnosplash after it and you should be good to go!”


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  1. Java & Comodo conflict. - DotaPod Blog Says:

    […];msg177139 […]

  2. BB Says:

    I have tried adding javaws.exe and all other *.exe under the Java folder, and still I am getting “Splash: recv fail” message,the only way I could get my java to work is to disable comodo (I am running vista.)

  3. admin Says:


    Make sure that you are not having different versions of Java JRE on your system. If you are having different versions of JRE then most likely cause is that you are adding the wrong one to the trusted application list.

    On vista you can see the different installations under the directory
    C:\Program Files\Java (32 bit)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java (64 bit)

    Another way to find is when you have this error, open comodo control panel
    Go to Firewall >> View Firewall Events. You will see an entry of Javaws getting blocked. Add that version to trusted applications.

    Hopefully this will solve your problem.

  4. knuFaZ Says:

    The same probleme for me, adding javaws.exe under “firewall” menu to “trusted application” didn’t change the “recv failed”. Even disabling comodo wouldn’t work.
    After i deinstalled comodo all works fine.

    I’ve a fresh windows vista 64bit business intallstion and java was just freshly installed. so i haven’t got different jres or stuff like that. i only installed, firefox, foobar, miranda fusion comodo and java. for the moment the router firewall will do. but i’m looking no for an firewall programm just do select the applications that acutally shall have access to world wide web.

    Or maybe you’ve got other ideas that would allow a reinstall of comodo.

    kind regards

  5. knuFaZ Says:


    so after a evening of reading threads and wiki i think i got the solution for my problem. First of all: the java webstart application is run through the firefox.
    An this is the breaking point beacause i’ve installed a 32bit firefox which won’t use the 64bit java installation but the 32bit java executables in the systemwow64 folder. For this reason it’s the same solution as it was described here: i added the wrong javaws.exe to comodo and the behaviour didn’t change. But i don’t think i’ll return to comodo as i’m missing an overview list of all blocked and allowed applictions. I’ll try about the free agnitum firewall 2009.

    kind regards

  6. admin Says:


    That seems to be strange. I have got this problem on windows 64 bit business edition whenever the Java Jre updates itself to the newest version. After that i always go to comodo control panel and add java.exe,javaw.exe and javaws.exe to the trusted application list and it works fine for me.

    To be 100% sure check your system variables to see the JRE which you are using
    Go to control panel > System > Advanced System Settings
    Click on Advanced Tab and then on Environment variables

    See what is in your PATH variable ( it may be present in both user variables section and system variables section)

  7. admin Says:


    Also make Sure that you have Sun as a trusted Software vendor in your Defense+ > Software Vendors List

    After some more searching on Internet, i could see that for some people when they click on the JavaFx link or the jnlp file link for several times it opens up. this wouldn’t be an ideal behaviour, but you can give it a try to find out whether you machine is having a similar problem.

    This is one of the most annoying errors from comodo and i am surprised that they haven’t fixed it even after 1 year of user complaints.

  8. knuFaZ Says:


    thanks for your advice and fast response. A search for “javaws.exe” on my system showed that there was one in an ati folder and one in the syswow64 folder of the windows system. In forums i found that the syswow64 is used for 32bit system files, to allow 32bit applications to run smoothly. As Firefox only exist in 32bit builds (at least on the official servers) my firefox used not the installed 64bit javaws.exe wich lies in the java installation path but will probably have used the one in the syswow64 folder. For this reason, it’s the same problem and same solution for me like above mentioned, i’ve just added the “wrong” javaws.exe to the trusted application list.

    Another question of mine is, were in comodo firewall can i find a complete list of the programs i’ve added to the trusted applications list and if course i’d like to see a complete list for the list of blocked or untrusted applications.

    At the moment i haven’t reinstalled comodo yet. I consider the installation of the agnitum free 2009 firewall, at least theres the complete list of application that were configured anyhow.

    Nevertheless thank you very much for your help.

    With kind regards

  9. knuFaZ Says:

    Sorry for duble posting. I got confused by the order of the messages. Just feel free to delete the last posting.

  10. Brian Says:

    I had the same problem but the above solutions didnt work – however I did find a different solution that works for me.

    Basically, you have to run java with the -Xnosplash argument. So, for a webstart application whose link is http://XXX/XXX.jnlp, create a shortcut whose “location” is:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash http://XXX/XXX.jnlp

    Running that should bypass the splash screen.


  11. Glen Says:


  12. Software Firewall Says:

    I never, ever would have believed I would be required to understand this, but thank goodness for google

  13. relax Says:

    Instead of creating a link for each java application, you could add the -Xnosplash to all jnlp executions.

    Open Windows Explorer, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types tab
    Select the JNLP extension from the list, highlight it and click Advanced
    Highlight Launch and click on Edit
    Replace “C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaws.exe” “%1”

    with this line:

    “C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1”

    Now all jnlp executions bypass the splash screen.

    Hope this helps. (It worked for me just fine)

  14. p10 Says:

    Thanks for the additional tips Brian & Relax. Unfortunately, I can’t apply your suggestions in Windows 7. Anyone out there know how? Has anyone using Win7 been able to fix this problem?

  15. p10 Says:

    My mistake:
    1) Brian’s solution worked. The key was to create a NEW shortcut from scratch, not via the target jnlp file. I wasn’t reading this correctly. My bad.

    2) I still can’t seem to implement Relax’s solution in Win7. File Types has been moved to: Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Associations. However, there is no replace or edit the ‘Launch’ or program path parameters. Am I missing something?


  16. Relax Says:

    I forgot to mention that this solution works for XP. I’ve tried to find a similar solution for Vista/7 users but i cant change file associations. I figure that you need to dig into your registry. If i find a solution for Vista/7 i’ll post it here

  17. George Says:

    Yea, works in XP great, did the whole “edit” the launch command for javaws and it bypasses the splash screen and everything loads just fine. And yes, it’s a Comodo firewall problem since I never got this problem until switching to Comodo last week. And yes, Sun is a trusted vendor and I click on “allow” for any javaws prompt, but only the -Xnosplash is what worked.

  18. Philip Says:

    Thanks that worked a treat, to solve a different Java Web Start application

    I had also unistalled JAVA, had 2 version both 32 and 64 bit, I reinstalled the 64bit version, which means the location of the javaws.exe is in c:\Program Files\Java …etc and not c:\Program Files (x86)\Java …etc

    To add in Comodo I used:
    Defense+ > My Own Safe Files > Add > Browse to the file and add it

  19. Philip Says:

    What a shame, I spoke too soon, comodo has started playing up with java web start again, getting the same error message. Have added -Xnosplash to the launch shortcut, and is now working again.

  20. Manny Says:

    I got another solution.
    Open the loadUI.bat with Notepad (as Administrator).
    Edit the launching line (the last one).
    So it reads:
    “%JAVAWS%” -Xnosplash %JAVA_OPTS% %* loadUI.jnlp

    It works perfect for me.

  21. gavb Says:

    hey guys,

    really quick solution here.

    right click the comodo icon in the toolbar then select game mode.. works for me after nothing else would, i then turn this off when im done with my app.


  22. Anthony Says:

    I fixed this but updating the registry settings on my Windoze 7 x64 machine:
    (Default) => “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_16\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1”

    No matter the location of the javaws.exe file is located, just add the -Xnosplash after it and you should be good to go!

  23. Dewey Says:

    Thanks Anthony for your input.

    I fixed this but updating the registry settings on my Windows Vista x64 machine:
    (Default) => “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_16\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1″

  24. Prajeeth Says:

    Alternatively u can turn off comodo firewall , start your desired application and turn the firewall back on. 😛

  25. Nik Says:

    (Default) => “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_16\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1″

    Worked like a charm, no matter what javaws I added to Comodo.

  26. thanks much Says:

    anthony, that worked perfectly, thank you SO much.

  27. Arvind Says:

    Thanks, worked perfectly for me on my windows 7 64bit Enterprise machine. Type “java -version” to find the required jre version to target.

  28. robinstarfish Says:

    Anthony, you rock. Thanks for solving a VERY pesky problem.

  29. Defiantclass Says:

    Good job Anthony!

  30. Mauri Says:

    Thanks Anthony!! That worked for me too, I was about to give up and uninstall Comodo firewall.

  31. Holloman Says:

    I have this problem on two computers – Vista Home Premium (32) and Windows 7 Professional (64). I have Comodo installed on both machines.
    Changing Comodo settings did not work. Disabling Comodo did not work. The registry fix did not work.

    For some reason, the problem *does not* manifest if I run a Windows XP virtual machine on the Win 7 machine.
    (connections through that virtual machine don’t bypass the Comodo firewall on the real machine, right?)

  32. Steve Says:

    Comodo was not the issue on my Windows Vista machine. I downloaded then jnlp file and then right clicked on it and went to properties.At the bottom of the properties tabe was a warning that the file was downloaded off the internet. Unblock it, click apply and then double click the file. Bingo!

  33. Eusebio Says:

    Anthony’s solution works for me in Win7 Home Premium x64


  34. Paolo Says:

    Also for me, if the splash screen is disabled, all works. Thanks Relax and Anthony

  35. voskat Says:

    Antony’s solution worked for me too. Thanks, mate.
    Comodo haven’t done shit about this problem since 2008… -_-

  36. David Says:

    Thanks! Adding javaws as a trusted app in Comodo fixed this error when launching Cisco ASDM

  37. bob Says:

    +1 for Anthony’s solution.

    I can’t believe Comodo still has this problem since 2008.

  38. bob Says:

    Oh I forgot to note, adding javaws.exe to trusted files DID NOT work for me.

  39. Disactive Says:

    Thanks for this solution:
    I fixed this but updating the registry settings on my Windows Vista x64 machine:
    (Default) => “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_16\bin\javaws.exe” -Xnosplash “%1″

    i have fixed the problem!! just only add “-Xnosplash” in the path.

    Thanks! 😉

  40. TheOP Says:

    The “seven Update” it works for me on Vista and Java 7 update 25.

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