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Clear Flash Log file

Few days back one of my colleagues, a flash developer was asking about any simple utility available to clear the flash log created by the debug flash player. Flash Debug player will log the output to this folder in windows
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs\ . After testing the code, it is very annoying to go to that folder, open the file and then clear the log. He wanted a simple one click utility to clear the flashlog file without deleting the file (he is tailing the file using baretail)

So i wrote a simple batch script to do that trick.You can download it here Clear Flash Log Utility

Download the attached zip file to your desktop and unzip it. Inside that there is a file called Clear Flash Log.bat. Open the file in any text editor like notepad or wordpad. On line 3 replace the word ‘your_windows_user_name’ with the username you are using to log into windows. Save it and hooray!!! you have got a simple flash log clearing utility. I am curious to hear whether this was helpful for anyone else …


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