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Java 2010: Schwartz, Bray, Kawaguchi and finally the father “Gosling” leaves Oracle

2010 is turning out to be an eventful year for Java Community. First there was the acquisition of Sun by Oracle which was approved by the European Commission on 21st January. As expected there were many arguments supporting as well as opposing this acquisition. But the latest turn of events gives more concern to the future of Java as high profile personalities started leaving Oracle after the acquisition. Jonathan Schwartz (CEO), Tim Bray (Xml Co Inventor) and Kohsuke Kawaguchi (author of Hudson Build Tool) to name a few. The latest one to leave is James Gosling (Yes.. The father of Java )

In his blog James mentions the departure:

Yes, indeed, the rumors are true: I resigned from Oracle a week ago (April 2nd). I apologize to everyone in St Petersburg who came to TechDays on Thursday expecting to hear from me. I really hated not being there. As to why I left, it’s difficult to answer: just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good. The hardest part is no longer being with all the great people I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, other than take some time off before I start job hunting.

So it is evident that there is some difference of opinion regarding the future of Java and the path which Oracle intends to take in commercialising sun’s technologies. As Fabrizio points out
“James is not the first, but the n-th prominent engineer that didn’t accept the new Oracle/Sun panorama, I’d say that we are facing with a paradox of the heap ”

In March James did express his unhappiness in certain interviews and commented that JCP has become too complicated. Tim Bray tweeted that he was astounded by the fact that James held on so long with Oracle after the acquisition.

So what next in the Java Horizon ? Maybe an Enterprise License for Enterprise Java !!! Hmm.. Don’t make me Jobless Larry.


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  1. farai Says:

    Oracle arquiring Sun was the biggest Disaster of 2009 …Its very difficult to convince millions and millions of Java developers and engineers to be part of Oracle given oracle’s unclear position to open source .I belive that Oracle should have simply recapitalised Sun Microsystems without changing the Brand per say….In my honest and humble opinion Oracle will not gain from the developer community given that Gosling(father) have resigned.Recently i visited Oracle website one can easily notice that Java development is no longer being given the same attention ….jus my comment

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