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Remove duplicates from a list in Java

There is a simple way to remove duplicates from Lists, use HashSet or LinkedHashSet. HashSet will not preserve the ordering while LinkedHashSet will preserve it. Here is the sample code

List<String> listWithDuplicates = 
List<String> listWithoutDuplicates = 
   new ArrayList<String>(new LinkedHashSet<String>(listWithDuplicates));
List<String> listWithoutDuplicatesWithoutOrdering = 
   new ArrayList<String>(new HashSet<String>(listWithDuplicates));

Here is the output

List with duplicates:[to, be, or, not, to, be, that, is, the, question]
List with out duplicates:[to, be, or, not, that, is, the, question]
List with out duplicates without ordering:[not, to, that, is, or, question, the, be]


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  1. Radhe Says:

    Problem with using HashSet is that you will lose the order, better use LinkedHashSet to remove duplicates from ArrayList as shown in that article.

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